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"Thank you Nyree for a really enjoyable course, it was invigorating, very informative, fun and relaxing".

Elaine Phillips

Hi, I’m Nyree and I run Paint & Ink Studio from my home in Guildford.


I left behind a job in PR & Publishing in London when I had my children and first picked up a paintbrush in my 40s. I soon discovered a creative side I never knew I had, and started experimenting with the skills I needed to revamp my vintage discoveries with paint. I now love teaching people how to transform all kinds of everyday pieces using simple furniture painting techniques.

I have also discovered a passion for modern calligraphy and brush lettering. As well as coming up with bespoke, handwritten details for events and special occasions, I teach fun and friendly workshops where I believe anyone can learn how to use a nib and ink and unleash their creative side (even if you didn’t know you had one)! You don’t have to be particularly artistic to master this life-enriching skill - it just takes a little practice and perseverance.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how I can lend a bespoke aspect to your special events, check out my portfolio and be inspired by some of my creations, or come along to one of my workshops and start your own creative journey.

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Nyree Forster Calligrapher and Chalk Paint teacher and Calligraphy services based in Guildford, Surrey
Paint & Ink Studio, Modern Calligraphy and Chalk Paint business in Guildford, Surrey






WEDDING IDEAS October 2019
 SURREY LIFE - December 2019 'A Handmade Christmas'

SURREY LIFE - March 2018 'Make Do & Mend'



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  • What calligraphy classes do you run?
    I run Modern Calligraphy classes for beginners. I also run private group workshops and offer individual tuition. Please send me an email and we can discuss options and find a time and date that would suit you.
  • I don't have great handwriting, can I learn calligraphy?"
    Yes! I promise that lovely handwriting isn’t needed to learn calligraphy, mine is atrocious! Calligraphy is about building up a series of shapes so a completely different discipline.
  • I'm not creative, can I learn to do calligraphy or use chalk paint?"
    Yes absolutely! I don’t have a typical creative background and so am very supportive of anyone wanting to try out a new skill. It’s all about having a go, with both types of workshops. Workshops are a wonderful chance to try out the materials, ask questions and give you the confidence to then try out your new talents at home, learning at your own pace.
  • What chalk paint do you teach with?
    I teach using Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, widely know as the best Chalk Paint in the world and having used a variety of products, I wholeheartedly agree!! The range is available for sale at Packhouse with a generous discount on all products bought on the day of the workshop.
  • Where do you teach?
    Most of my Modern Calligraphy Packhouse on the outskirts of Farnham in Surrey. I will be doing other workshops throughout the year at other locations, all will be in Surrey. All of my Furniture Painting Workshops using Chalk Paint are at Packhouse, on the outskirts of Farnham, Surrey. Please do get in touch if you would like to book me for a special event at another venue.
  • Do you collaborate with other creatives or businesses?
    Yes! I love to work on unique and exciting one-off projects and have collaborated on magazine shoots, networking events, in store signings plus worked with stylists, photographers, wedding planners. Please see my Journal for a glimpse of some of these projects. Do email me if you have an idea you think we could work together on.
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