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PHOTO SHOOT // Chamberlain's Restaurant, Leadenhall Market, London

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

The results of this photo shoot still blow me away, such an incredible venue in Leadenhall Market.

Susie from Inspired by Susie got in touch as she was looking for adding some luxury name place settings to complete the rich floral scheme. She had her heart set using my agate slices in gold calligraphy with hand painted gold edges in a mixture of blue, purple and pinks.

The finished result is breathtaking, who wouldn’t want to sit down at that table and indulge in the food whilst being amazed by the historic setting!

DREAM TEAM // Wedding planner Inspired by Susie Evans / Photography Hannah Larkin Photography / Chamerlain’s Restaurant / Red Earth Floral Design / Co-Ordination Catering Hire Limited


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